Doomsday SDK  2.3
Core engine library and supporting libraries
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Basic TypesBasic data types
 Unicode SymbolsUnicode key symbols
 Data Types and StructuresClasses related to accessing, storing, and processing of data
 File SystemThe file system (de::FileSystem) governs a tree of files and folders, and provides the means to access all data in libcore
 Math Utilities
 NetworkClasses responsible for network communications
 ProtocolClasses that define the protocol for network communications
 Script RuntimeThe script runtime parses and executes scripts
 Widget Framework
 ExceptionsThese are exceptions thrown by libcore when a fatal error occurs
 GUIGraphical user interface
 Application FrameworkGraphical UI framework based on a tree of widgets
 Data ModelData model and general purpose items for representing data in widgets
 DialogsWidgets for modal or nonmodal dialogs
 GUI WidgetsGUI widgets based on the Core library's Widget Framework
 AudioAudio data and playback
 Graphics Library
 Key Constants
 Virtual Reality
 Legacy SupportCommon functionality for supporting old, mostly C based code tracing back to the original id Software and Raven Software code bases
 Copy Delimiter FlagsFlags for Str_CopyDelim2()
 Legacy Data TypesData types and structures for C based code
 Legacy Math UtilitiesMath utilities for C based code
 2D Vectors
 3D Vectors
 4D Vectors
 Memory Zone
 Purge Levels
 Shell Access
 Abstract UIBase classes for both text-based and graphical widgets
 Text-Mode UI